Award winning documentary

Inside Fur

undercover in the fur industry

A group of activists work for years exposing the true face of the fur industry. They visit hundreds of fur farms and publicized the images. It causes public outrage, but the industry’s PR department always calms the politicians and journalists, and nothing changes.

So, a new activist decides to steps up. He tells the fur industry that he plans to become a fur farmer. He is accepted and soon treated as an insider. Without anybody knowing, he films his training with a hidden camera.

Inside Fur is one of Scandinavia’s most discussed documentary films in the last years.

The film


in the media

In Norway, there was massive media attention when the film was released. Even the Norwegian parliament discussed the film. The hot discussion continued online and has spread worldwide, and it continues to do so.

In short, Inside Fur is a creative documentary film that shook Norway. The film has so far been screened on TV in the Nordic countries and has started its festival life by winning several awards, honorable mentions and nominations.

The powerful and wealthy fur associations have used substantial resources trying to stop the film from being published. They failed. They turned their efforts into stopping audiences from seeing the film, failing that too. They then tried to say that the filmmakers were in violation of the press ethics. Of course, they lost that case too.

The film is a powerful statement on how factory animals are being treated, and asks the all-important question: What are we humans allowed to do to animals?

“The most important documentary out of Norway in the last year”

Gunnar Iversen

Professor of Film Studies

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